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Church gatherings

Sunday gatherings

We gather every Sunday at The Laemmle Theatre (in the Claremont Village) at 10 AM.


450 W. 2nd St. 

Claremont, CA 91711

Every Sunday

10:00 AM

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We don’t believe that Church is an event that takes place on Sunday – it is actually a group of people who love each other all week long! But on Sundays, we all come together to learn from the Bible, sing songs  and celebrate how good God is! We will share stories, communion, and encourage one another. We consider all of these to be acts of worship to a God who deserves it.

We’re not putting on a show, so dress the way you normally do.

Since we consider our community to function like a family, children are never seen as a distraction.

If you’ve been looking for a church in Claremont, we hope you’ll consider joining us!

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